Specialists in visual impact, urban design, strategic planning and landscape architecture.




Solar Farms

We are leading consultants in visual impact assessment of solar farms in Australia.

We pride ourselves on preparing targeted, project-responsive reports, and in partincular our strength in being able to talk in a professional and personable way to regional property owners.




Sustainable Road Resource Centre

Visual impact assesment of this state significant, major new industrial development in Sydney's Rosehill area with some components over 40m high.




ACT Second Electricity Supply Project

Visual impact assessment for substantial upgrade of existing electricity capacity on Canberra's developing urban fringe.

Involved a number of major transmission lines and a new substation.




Sydney Inner West Light Rail Project

This new light rail has now been built along a previous freight line through Sydney's inner west from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill. We prepared a Privacy Mitigation & Visual Management Plan.


Lake Macquarie Scenic Management Guidelines

A major policy document developed for Lake Macquarie City Council whilst working in-house with Council planners.

It provides guidance for protecting and reinforcing the unique natural and built environment of the scenic Lake Macquarie region on the NSW coast.



Transport for NSW Stations

Envisage have prepared visual impact reports for many TfNSW projects, including for major station upgrades of the Sydney stations, as well as proposed multi-storey car parks.

Penrith DSC_0583

Penrith Scenic & Cultural Landscapes Study

This LGA wide study identifies the significant scenic and cultural landscapes of Penrith, including major vistas. Key strategies are included to protect, enhance and manage those resources and provide guidance on how to integrate recommendations on guiding future development.

Ourimbah land use strategy & master plan

Envisage are working with City Plan Services on this major strategic project, with our role providing expertise on option development, planning and the town centre public domain.

New crossing at Burrill Lake - design & visual

A highway upgrade project on the NSW south coast undertaken as part of a team. The long existing bridge is to be replaced and the village shopping areas on each side of the lake bypassed.


Islington Park Master Plan

Islington Park is one of Newcastle's best-loved parks, located to the near the city. Although having a good framework, Newcastle Council  recognised that the park was in need of a concept master plan to address some maintenance, amenity and user issues.